Almost Opened!

The first of February brings us to our 2021 season reopening. For those unfamiliar, our lease requires that we close the garden for three consecutive months each year. This is November through January, inclusive, for us. This year we welcome back twenty-three renewing members and one new member. All beds are filled for 2021.

We did hope to build four new beds this year but with lockdown restrictions, we, unfortunately, could not get that together. We hope in 2022 to have those new beds open for new members.

This year we plan on finishing our water catchment and storage system. Last season we built a rugged stand for the 1000L IBC tank that had been in the garden for nearly a decade. After a good cleaning out and some new fittings, it should be fit for storing and dispensing water into watering cans and over the precious plants.

We are also considering installing a simple French drain to help move some water from a couple of damp areas in the garden. This will allow us to keep those areas drier and ultimately build 3-4 new raised beds for new members to fill.

Finally, we are continuing our Covid slotting system this season. Like last year, we will require that all members sign up for a specific time and date for their visit. We are currently only allowing one member per hour-long slot. Members are free to bring their household/pod with them. This keeps our members safe and removes any guesswork with distancing etc.

We are all very excited to kick off year two of the new Community Garden experience. The garden has been a vital source of sanity, fresh air, and exercise for many of us during these hard times. As always growing your own veg is such a fulfilling and delicious experience. After Covid, we hope we can get back to inclusive community gatherings and events. Keep safe and happy gardening!

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