How much are annual membership fees?

Payments are done electronically to allow for transparent accounting. The Garden currently accepts IBAN bank transfers and if needed cheque. Payment plans may be arranged upon request. Memberships are generally non-refundable. The membership waitlist can be found here. There is no cost or commitment to add your name to the list.

Membership Fees2024
Full member€80
Pensioner full member (age 66+)€65
Community member (see below for details and registration)€0

What are membership fees for?

Membership fees are charged to full members and include a single-season assignment to an individual raised bed. The fees are used for insurance purposes, supplies (e.g. compost), tools, maintenance, overhead, project expenses, and emergency fund and do not confer any ownership, lease, or occupancy rights to the land and any portion of the land.

What is the Free Community Membership?

In 2022 the GKCG launched the new Community Beds membership and programme. The programme donates all produce from three raised beds in the garden to 5 Loaves Day Care Centre in Bray. We invite volunteers to enjoy a free membership where they will be trained on how to care for these beds and how to help with the general care for the garden as well. Important note: the free community membership does not include access or assignment to an individual-use raised bed for the season. To get started with a free membership fill in the form here.

Is there a Constitution for the group?

You can find the group’s ratified constitution and rules here.

What are the Garden Rules?

You can read them here.

Where is the Garden?

We are located in the corner of Shoreline Leisure Greystones Pool car park (SE corner of the car park).