Hours of Operation:

The garden area is open dawn until dusk, seven days a week. Please no occupancy after dark for H&S reasons.

Membership Fees:

Fees are for insurance purposes, supplies, maintenance, overhead, and project expenses only and do not confer any ownership, lease, or occupancy rights to the land and any portion of the land.

Payment or arrangements must be made or before the first day of the season. Fee schedules can be found on our FAQs page.

Off-Season Closure:

We are under a conacre agreement with Shoreline Leisure which requires that we completely vacate the garden and close for one month every year. Please remove all personal equipment and cease accessing the garden during the period until we officially reopen in the following season.

Equipment and Personal Items:

The safety of your personal property and allotment cannot be guaranteed. Please do not leave valuable personal items at the garden.

Communal Equipment and Tools:

Members may use communal equipment provided they take good care of it and store the equipment in the locked shed when not in use. Do not take equipment out of the garden or home without prior committee approval.

The Stream and Back Field

The stream behind the garden is off limits to children. The backfield is not garden property and off limits.

Families and Children:

Family members are welcome to the garden site. Please supervise young children so they don’t disturb other plots. Do not allow children to access the shed. Carefully supervise children. 

It is forbidden to leave children unsupervised.


Leave no rubbish on site. Make every attempt to remove random litter or rubbish. Report illegal dumping.

Gate, Shed and Tools:

Shut gate and lock shed upon leaving the garden. 

Environmentally-Friendly Policy:

Do not use petrochemical additives or fertilizers. No synthetic-chemical sprays, slug pellets, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides permitted. Biodegradable water crystals are allowed (be sure they are the correct type). Please try not to use peat moss, perlite or vermiculite. Compost and horticultural grit are recommended for building soils. Mulching with plastic is forbidden.

Respect your Neighbour

Be considerate of your neighbors. Do not plant sprawling crops, invasives, or tall varieties that might interfere with others. Harvest only from your assigned plot. Keep pests and weeds under control. You must plant and maintain to keep membership. No tree planting is permitted in beds.

No picking, weeding, planting or disturbing of other people’s allotments unless you have a direct agreement with the member.

Keep young children out of others’ allotments.


Please dispose of weeds and plant materials in designated compost areas. No rubbish, animal, or chemical wastes are allowed. Organic green waste only. No industrial compostable items like Happy Pear cups.

Walkways and Obstructions

Keep objects such as rocks and tools out of pathways and borders when you are not physically present.

Raised Bed Modifications

Individual fencing of plots is allowed. Please keep structures under 6 feet tall and neat. They should be easily removed for maintenance and minimize damage to the bed frames. Please consult committee prior to installation of fencing or other structures and features. May be subject to committee approval.

Vandalism, Anti-Social, Theft

If vandalism or theft occurs, notify the garden committee immediately. Help us discourage losses by questioning unfamiliar faces.


Dogs, except those on a short lead, are not allowed. Dogs are never permitted on beds or planted areas. All poo must be collected by the owner and removed from the garden ASAP on that day. No poo allowed in compost or garden rubbish bins.

Water Conservation

Please conserve the use of water. Mulch with leaves, grass clippings, or hay to reduce water evaporation. Biodegradable horticultural-grade water crystals are allowed.

Events, Parties, Non-Member Gatherings

Parties, non-member gatherings, and events are not permitted without approval from the membership. The garden is only permitted to hold up to 2 non-member events in the garden per year so we have to use them wisely. All such events must be related to gardening.

Your Assigned Planting Area

Your assigned area is subject to change from season to season. The committee will provide you with your assignment by the opening day of the season.

Do not plant other than in your assigned area. Any plantings outside of your area may be destroyed.