The Harvest Moon

Hello gardeners. It was another glorious yet challenging year for both community and gardening. With Covid raging through our second season since reopening, we found ourselves grateful for this lush space and the health and sanity we drew from it. We currently have a very full waitlist which really breaks our hearts as we know there is a massive shortage of community gardens and allotments in our area.

This past year we managed to build up our 1000 L IBC water tank system and with the help of local farmer/mechanic Robert K. we have been able to get that filled as we struggled to keep everything well watered through another dry and hot summer. We are designing a rain catchment roof to fill this tank and to provide a bit of shade and protection to the occasional weary gardener.

The opening of the HSE vaccination centre at Shoreline meant many, many new visitors from all over the East Coast to our garden as they waited for friends and family to receive injections. It was lovely to see what joy our garden provided to even the brief visitor and how many people didn’t even know that places like our garden existed.

With this 2021 Harvest Moon, we greatly thank our members, supporters, Council, Greystones TidyTowns, Shoreline Leisure, individual donors and volunteers, and the community at large for the garden’s bounty.

While our little garden is nearly maximized we are working to find new locations and partners in our local area. We can offer our support and model to help replicate our success and to make sustainable community gardens more available to our amazing community. Please contact us if you have any thoughts or want to team up.

Happy gardening!

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