Our Mission

To operate a sustainable community allotment garden through memberships and community events and education. Provide a community resource on sustainable gardening, healthy eating, and biodiversity.

Our Approach

Our members all feel the Garden is a precious gift to the community and we want to make sure it is well utilised as a place to live more sustainable lives, share wisdom and food, and make connections between people and nature.

We favour a co-op type model, where members pay an annual fee that entitles the member to a raised bed for the year. Members can vote meetings and also get first dibs on renewing for the following year. A system like this is needed to keep it going for years to come and to build the type of community that the garden was intended to support.

You can read our full constitution here.

The Elected Committee

Elections for the current executive committee were held in March 2024 at the Garden’s AGM.

Emilia Zagrean


Adam Calihman


Robert Burns


Jennifer Farrel

Public Relations – Member-at-large